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We have many mid-western areas that are not currently being serviced. We are looking primarily for agronomist sales people or people with an equal level of experience and knowledge. There would be some level of field work along with follow-up comparisons of programs and yields.  We need people that have a good level of training and can explain our products and systems effectively. We also have our own training program that is conducted at our Albert Lea Headquarters along with an extensive video learning library. We’ll give you all the tools you need to explain our philosophy and system in an effective way,  and give you the science and field tests to it back up. If you think you can explain our systems and the biology and science behind it, we would be interested in talking to you. We have a number of different programs that might fit your current lifestyle and you may very well be responsible for converting countless acres of land back to a natural balance and replacing GMO fields with organic or conventional strains. To read more and apply, click on the appropriate job title:

Desktop Publishing Assistant:

We are currently looking for an entry level desktop publisher assistant that has skills and experience in Adobe in-design. Experience in publishing, advertising and design will be expected. click here.  Read More

Residential Landscapers:

We are Looking for residential landscapers and lawn care specialists that would like to offer their customers an organic alternative to lawn care.  We can provide you with all the tools you need to show how our programs and products can maintain a naturally healthy lawn without the use of harsh chemicals.  Whats different about our products?  More and more families are insisting that their own backyards are free of chemicals, but they still want lush green, weed free lawns.  Our products can get you there. We have the side by side field and lab tests with commonly used fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that prove that by using our products and following our balanced system, you can have healthier soil with moisture holding properties, healthier plants with a more dense root structure resulting in an overall healthier and hardier lawn. The same products can also be used on your organic vegetable garden to balance the soil ph and increase microbial action, producing bountiful harvests. call us at : (1-888-875-2425) 

Call us today (1-888-875-2425) to schedule a free on-site evaluation of your operation. We will work with you to identify your specific needs and develop a plan to maximize your yields while returning the soil to a natural organic balance.
Teleconferences are held Every third Thursday of the month at 8:00 p.m. CST/CDT
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