CatawaterAG is an enzyme microbial based catalyst that speeds up microbial activity in the soil. For heavy residue, catawater must be lightly worked in to assure contact with the soil.

3.2 oz/A – can be incorporated with liquid manure application or applied with NPF at 15 to 20 gal. / acre.

Catawater® AG

Here are the latest results of our CatawaterAG test plot in southern Minnesota.

Catawater® AG is a biocatalyst and a stabilized plant extract in a water base with a nitrogen and oxygen carrier that provides the proper conditions for naturally present bacterial colonies to develop a balanced eco-system in the soil and plants. This creates an ideal soil environment for natural bacterial growth and makes for better use of the minerals that are present in the soil. This product has been successfully used on crops, lawns, gardens, golf courses and sports fields.

  • -Reduces soil compaction from overuse of chemicals
  • -Balances the pH of the soil
  • -Stimulates fast healthy root formation that increases foliage and blossom count on most plants
  • -Increases the speed of decompositions of organic residue by 30 to 50 percent
  • -Increases the plant absorption of any minerals or chemicals added to the soil
  • -Increases germination for seeds
  • -Breaks down salts, old chemicals and insecticide residues into simple compounds


  • -Apply Catawater® AG 3.2 oz/acre
  • -Sprayed directly on the soil or plant
  • -Banding at planting in-furrow or 2×2
  • -Injecting into sprinkler systems
  • -Injected into flood irrigation as a foliage spray
  • -Inject with liquid manure application

Catawater® Ag-10 Treats 10 acres (1 qrt) Catawater® Ag- 40 Treats 40 acres (1 gal.) Catawater® Ag-100 Treats 100 acres (2.5 gal.) Go to Catawater® for more information.

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